A document from the Macedonians of Leukadia - 1903

A 1903 Receipt of Liras from Leukadia (old name: Golecani). The Liras were donated by the Metropolis of Thessalonica as an assistance to the Greek school of Leukadia. The document reveals the struggle of the native inhabitants of Leukadia to preserve the continuation of their thir Native Greek language in the schools of early 20th century.

During the disturbed period of Ottoman Occupation in Macedonia and the vicious crimes and policies of forceful conversion by the Bulgarian Komitadjis, the natives of places like Leukadia found shelter in the Greek Guerrila Groups and the Greek church.

The document dates from the 30th January of 1903

The document is a receipt of 2 Ottoman Liras originating from the Greek General Consulate Mr Evgenides and given by the Metropolis of Thessalonica to the Representative of the School in Leukadia Mr Zlatanis.

Source: Dimitriades Vasileios, Post-Graduate. Article from the newspaper “Paratiritis” , Demos Anthemion.

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By Makedonas 82

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Ivan RJK says:

I have one qvestion why did greece change the name Golecani in Leukadia ????
Because Golecani is real macedonian name and people in Golecani wanted to learn in macedoninan laguage but not in greece language. Sory but your text is wrong and it's untruth.

Olympos says:

For the same reason that the name of the city Monastiri was changed to Bitola. Has it ever occured to you that a country can name a city/town any way it wants to? In the case of Greece, most toponyms were changed (reverted) to their original names. As you may know, there were people living in Macedonia before the Slavs (your relatives?) arrived there.