“Erasing Bulgarian material memories” continues in FYROM - The New target is now all the Bulgarian military graves

The Ultra-Nationalistic Sentiments prevailing in FYROM can be seen easily every day. The new issue that arised today and drove Bulgarians to be mad with FYROM, is the latest decision of the bishop of the eparchy of Prespa and Pelagonia, Petar about the bones of Bulgarian officers and soldiers. The decision triggered a sharp reaction and outrage on the part of Bulgarian politicians, historians and public figures.

According to Focus Information Agency:

Bitola. All bones of Bulgarian officers and soldiers buried in Bulgarian military graves, common graves and military cemeteries should be buried in one bone vault with a “Macedonian” (sic) monument on top saying: In memory of “Macedonian” (sic) soldiers forced to mobilization in 1915-1918 and 1941-1944. This is the directive issued by the bishop of the eparchy of Prespa and Pelagonia, Petar, Focus News Agency’s correspondent in Skopje reported.
The first part of the plan has already been implemented – the priests in the district of Bitola were ordered to “describe and study” all graves of officers and soldiers on the “territory of the church property and rural cemeteries.”

The eparchy of Prespa and Pelagonia was not singled out randomly due to two reasons at least, sources told Focus News Agency.
Bishop Petar, who is known for investing the assets of the “Macedonian” (sic) Orthodox Church in the Bitola financial pyramid TAT, has a negative attitude to Bulgaria. It was his idea for Bulgarian tourists, who visit the churches in the eparchy, to ask for a special permission from the bishop’s office. He insisted that the team of Bulgarian journalist Martin Karbovski should not be admitted to Saint George church in the village of Capari, Bitola region. The Bitola bishop refuses to appoint priests who graduated from the Seminary in Sofia. He does not apply the same standards to priests who have graduated from the Seminary in Bucharest, for example.

Two days ago another intention of bishop Petar was announced. He plans to make Bulgarians who will visit the churches in his eparchy at Easter ask for… an official permission!!! The Slavs of FYROM should get at last that with this kind of petty Nationalistic mentality they manifest frequently they will never meet the criteria for NATO and EU memberships!!!

By Giannis

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