FYROM’s Nationalism couldnt be apart even from Cultural Events

News Το Ανέκδοτο της Ημέρας   Τα Σκόπια αποκτούν... Στόλο!!!!

Anyone realizes every day, it must be the fashion in FYROM to have a daily contest where they will show off their petty nationalistic agenda. Nomatter if the issue in question is totally unrelated to politics, the Nationalists of FYROM will attempt to divert it into a political one, just in order to promote their political agenda.

The newest incident took place on Friday during a cultural event, namely a conference with topic “Culture and Audio-Visual Communications – Vector of Peace and European Future in SEE Countries” where the Organizers were using the name “Republic of Macedonia” contrary to the practice of using only each country’s flag and names of the participants.

The Head of Greece’s Liaison Office to FYROM Alexandra Papadopoulou rightly protested and accused the organisers of acting in bad faith and being in full violation of the Interigm Agreement of 1995 between Greece and FYROM. A little later, Mrs Papadopoulou walked out of the conference, accusing FYROM’s Ministry of Culture for taking advantage of this cultural event for promoting political aims.

Kudos to Mrs Papadopoulou. It seems unlike the Head of the Greek Ministry of Foreign affairs, Greek diplomats are doing fine not to endorse FYROM’s propensity to pernicious propaganda!!

By Jason

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