Bulgarian MPs against FYROM’s NATO, EU accession

A state that steals and falsifies the ideals of hundreds of Bulgarian national heroes in its history books and cultivates hatred to Bulgaria and Bulgarian nation, is not ready to join the European Union and NATO”, a declaration of the Movement FORWARD (Dvizhenie NAPRED) party states.
 The document was read by VMRO chairperson Krasimir Karakachanov in relation to the statement made by FYROM’s parliament chair Trajko Veljanovski at the Bulgarian National Assembly, the television informs. Mr. Veljanovski is on an official visit to Bulgaria.
The “clear message sent to Skopje authorities” says that there is no place in the EU for a country that chases away its citizens who declare themselves to be Bulgarians.
Our comment: At least Bulgarian politicians are consistent in their eagerness to protect the rights of their kinsmen in FYROM and Bulgarian history which a part of it, is being claimed and falsified systematically by FYROM. In other words Bulgarian politicians are applying the exact opposite of the current Greek MFA.
By Jason

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