FYROM’s Kanal5 TV: The Big Lie Technique Employed [14-III-2009]

The real Frangiskos Verros statement:

Athens’ response to UN report


“In a separate issue, Verros outlined Greece’s categorical and unwavering opposition to any recognition of a “distinct or linguistic minority in Greece by the name ‘Macedonian’, since the name Macedonian is used in the cultural/regional sense by Greek Macedonians living in the region,” Verros’ reference to the province of Macedonia, Greece’s largest, which more closely approximates to geographical and historical Macedonia.

“Thus, the term ‘Macedonian’ to denote such an identity in Greece not only fails to respect Hellenic cultural heritage and the identify of 2.5 million Greek Macedonians living there, but also threatens to create a serious confusion or even a potential clash over identities in the whole region,” he said, adding:

“Greece believes that references in the report to the name ‘Macedonian’ to denote an ethnic ‘minority’ living in the Greek region (province) of Macedonia or a ‘language’ spoken in this region should have been avoided. These references should not be interpreted as implying a determination that such a minority or language exists in Greece, but claims emanating from the individuals concerned … Let me add that the political party (“Rainbow” or “Ouranio Toxo”), which claims to represent the so-called ‘Macedonian minority’, obtained in the Greek parliamentary elections of 1996 a very small number of votes, which further decreased to 1,139 votes in the 2000 elections,” Verros said, in reference to the last time the specific political formation stood in national elections.”

Many thanks to Vasko for the vid and the translation.

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