Greece: «FYROM is violating the Interim Accord»

Greece: «FYROM is violating the Interim Accord»

Date : 17-03-09

Denunciation by the Greek Permanent Representative in Geneva at the Human Rights Council.

 The Greek Permanent Representative at Geneva, speaking at the Human Rights Council, yesterday denounced the government of FYROM for violating the Interim Accord of 1995.

 The Ambassador mr Verros stressed that a simple reading of the statements made by the leadership of FYROM the last few days are enough to effortlessly draw the conclusion that the neighboring country systematically violates the «Interim Accord of 1995», according to which, among others, has expressly taken the obligation not to interfere in the internal affairs of Greece, citing the alleged protection of the rights of any Greek citizen.

 The Greek Ambassador concluded that any international judicial authority could confirm this systematic violation.

Source: Kathimerini

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