Vasil Iljov: His Ludicrous Version of History in FYROM’s “Nova Makedonija” [16-III-2009]

“…The theory of the so-called “Indo-European languages” will have to go through revision. The continuity of the Macedonian linguistic tradition confirms that the oldest language i.e. protolanguage, which was spoken in the greater or the Great Zeta Macedonia was the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and the Eneolithic Macedonian language…. the entire evolutionary process the ancient Macedonian tribes had during the Paleolithic a common mythology in which the domination of the cult of god of the Sun and Universe (IL, ILE) is attested an the cult of MA-the Great Mother Goddess; they had a common language and common territory of speech; they had the earliest social organization in forms of ‘zeting’ (sic); they had common name, a common Macedonian phonetic alphabet, common Macedonian ‘zets’ – writers and high level of Macedonian culture in the framework of the evolutionary process of the oldest phase of Macedonian culture from Magdalen to Mamontovoy Kuryi at Urals…..

the oldest name of the continent Europe was “Macedonia” or “Zeta Macedonia” and at least from the period of the so-called ‘Magdalene culture’ (15.000-8.000 y.b.c.e.) which is considered in science as the culture of the late Paleolithic and which is attested on the territory of todays France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany in the prehistoric time-interval from 15.000 to 8.000 year, while in the wider context she includes the conclusive stage of the Late Paleolithic stage of the development of the Late Paleolithic culture of the entire European frozen area from Pyrennees to Urals. The so-called “Madlenian (sic) population”, and factually written of the greater Zeta Macedonia (i.e. a part of the oldest Macedonians) left excellent art and literacy on artifacts from bone and stone….”

Vasil Iljov,“Najstari svedoštva za makedonskata pismena tradicija” (”Oldest Testimonies About the Tradition of Macedonian Literacy”), “Nova Makedonija” daily, No 21639 , 16.03.2009

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