Bernal’s Black Athena available in FYROMian

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Bernal’s Black Athena available in FYROMian

Martin Bernal is a Professor Emeritus of Government and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University whose trilogy (fourth book is coming) “Black Athena” has stirred the western world, is now available in FYROMian, thanks to ‘Tabernakul’ publishing house.

The first book “Black Athena – Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985” will be available this week at all major bookstores in FYROM.

In ‘Black Athena’, Prof. Bernal questions German/British historians who are the originators of the terms “Hellenism” and “Ancient Greece”.


Martin Bernal argues that classical Greek culture springs from the arrival of the Semitic and Egyptian culture. This is supposed to have happened in the 18th century B.C. when the Hyksos invasion of Egypt overflowed into Crete, and on through the Aegean to Greece.

He attacks Classicists of the last two centuries for their whitewashing of classical Greece, and alleges that, assuming the racial superiority of Europeans, they ignored the swarthy races of the Western Mediterranean, and looked only at vigorous Northern (European) barbarians as originators of ‘Greek’ culture.

Prof. Bernal also looks at the language. Language follows culture. If Classical Greece was indeed founded by invaders and traders from the Levant, you would expect to find many of their words left like fossils in the Greek lexicon, just as the Vikings and Normans moulded English. Black Athena vols 1 and 2 are seeded with fascinating and controversial claims of Egyptian and Semitic etymologies for Greek words.

The author, throughout the trilogy, uncovers hundreds of myths and outright falsities that some historians take for granted today.

Prof. Bernal had spent more than 20 years of his life researching and analyzing the fabrications of Greek culture, history and language.

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