French self-witness account of 1910 - Macedonians prefer to be crucified rather than to deny Hellenism

Greece in evolution..”, 1910 by Abbott, G. F. (George Frederick)

Account by a Frenchman self-witness who found himself in Macedonia and specifically “to Demir-Hissar, to Barakli-Djoumai’a, to Serres, to Nevrocop, to Razlog, to Djumal-Bala, to Melnik, to Petritch, to Drama, to Cavalla, to Niaousta, to Vodena, to Sorovitch, to Clissoura, to Kastoria, to Monastir, to Megarovo, to Tirnovo, to Florina, and to a hundred villages.

Everywhere I found men who, even as they died, found strength to cry with passionate, intrepid voices. “ We are Greeks! Zito i Ellas !

all these Macedonians prefer to be crucified rather than to deny Hellenism

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Hellenism of Macedonia

Facts are:
a) The Komitadjis were undoubtedly solely Bulgarians.

Traiko-Sterios had proudly stated: "My ancestors were Greeks, my father was a Greek. I, too will be a Greek and will die a Greek!!"

b) The Greek population of Macedonia suffered quite a lot of them. In fact the oppression from Komitadjis forced many into creating Greek bands fighting back.
c) The moronic claim of FYROM ultranationalists there were NO Greeks in Macedonia prior to 1912 is pure crap.
d) The intent of the Bulgarian “committees” was to imbue this population with a “non-Greek conciousness” by sword and tortures. As it happened, sword met with sword and the result was a Greek victory in the countryside by 1908.

Point of Interest: The testimony of the Macedonian Traikosterio.

My ancestors were Greeks, my father was a Greek; I, too, will be a Greek and i will die a Greek!!”

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Mihai Viteazul says:

One Skopjan, famous around youtube as a propagandist tool(username CAKIMacedonian), was bragging about a week ago that his grandpa was comitaji :o)
Where diplomacy fails, only one other solution is available. And we all know that in this case, diplomacy failed.