Milososki-Simmons: FYROMacedonia remains qualified for NATO membership, name issue must be resolved

Milososki-Simmons: FYROM remains qualified for NATO membership, name issue must be resolved

Skopje, April 30 - The Foreign Minister of FYROM Antonio Milososki and the Deputy Assistant of NATO Secretary General for Security Cooperation and Partnership, Robert Simmons, agreed Thursday that FYROM remains qualified for NATO membership with only obstacle, the name row with Greece.

FM Milososki stated in MIA after the meeting, “We have expressed readiness to resume dialogue with Greece under UN auspices. “Macedonia” is ready for a reasonable compromise with Greece, in order to overcome this irrational dispute, so that the region can jointly move forward towards increased cooperation and stability”.

On the other hand, Robert Simmons underlined that the position of NATO member-states regarding FYROM’s accession from the Bucharest Summit was “reiterated at the recent Strasbourg Summit, according to which the country is qualified for membership, but the name issue must be settled first.”

“One of the crucial aspects regarding “Macedonia’s” qualifications for NATO accession is the country’s participation in peacekeeping missions, such as the one in Afghanistan”, added NATO’s representative.

Regarding the book “The Macedonian Issue and Bulgaria - Confidential Documents (1950-1967)”, published by the Greek Society for Macedonian Studies and the Bulgarian State Archives, promoted by Greek FM Dora Bakoyiannis, Milososki said according to MIA, “Macedonian identity does not depend from promotion of sponsored propaganda books, but from the feeling of the Macedonian people, which is clearly demonstrated as one of our traits”.

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Damianos says:

The imposition of Macedonism by "outsiders", and the dubbing of the local Bulgarian dialect as "makedonski" can be found in a letter to Prof. Marin Drinov of May 25, 1888 Kuzman Shapkarev writes:

But even stranger is the name Macedonians, which was imposed on us only 10 to 15 years ago by outsiders, and not as something by our own intellectuals… Yet the people in Macedonia know nothing of that ancient name, reintroduced today with a cunning aim on the one hand and a stupid one on the other. They know the older word: "Bugari", although mispronounced: they have even adopted it as peculiarly theirs, inapplicable to other Bulgarians. You can find more about this in the introduction to the booklets I am sending you. They call their own Macedono-Bulgarian dialect the "Bugarski language", while the rest of the Bulgarian dialects they refer to as the "Shopski language".

(Makedonski pregled, IX, 2, 1934, p. 55; the original letter is kept in the Marin Drinov Museum in Sofia, and it is available for examination and study)
the original In Bulgarian:
"No pochudno e imeto Makedonci, koeto naskoro, edvay predi 10-15 godini, ni
natrapiha i to otvqn, a ne kakto nyakoi mislyat ot samata nasha
inteligenciya… Narodqt obache v Makedoniya ne znae nishto za tova
arhaichesko, a dnes, s lukava cel ot edna strana, s glupeshka ot druga,
podnoveno prozvishte; toy si znae postaroto: Bugari, makar i nepravilno
proiznasyano, daje osvoyava si go kato sobstveno i preimushtestveno svoe,
nejeli za drugite Bqlgari. Za tova shte vidite i v predgovora na izpratenite
mi knijici. Toy naricha Bugarski ezik svoeto Makaedono-bqlgarsko narechie,
kogato drugite bqlgarski narechiya naricha Shopski."