Rare Document – Letter of 1832 by the Elders of ThessaloMagnetoMacedonians


Another rare document,  found on the library of the Academy of Athens. A letter, dated back from the 3rd June of 1832, sent by the Elders of  ThessaloMagnetoMacedonians to Ioannes Kolettis. Like we examined in  previous article , Ioannes kolettis had been appointed as representative of the <acedonians in the Greek National Assembly of 1827. The letter proves for once more that Macedonians, even during the establishment of the first Greek State, considered themselves as Greeks, contrary to the forefathers of modern FYROM’s Slavs that considered themselves but also were considered by others as  Bulgarians

The document is found on the library of the Academy of Athens (Kolettis Collection).

By D-Mak

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