FYROMacedonia Prepares Evidence Against Greece

FYROMacedonia Prepares Evidence Against Greece

Skopje | 19 May 2009 |

FYROMacedonia’s Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, visiting New York on Tuesday will consult his country’s legal team, currently gathering evidence for FYROMacedonia’s suit against Greece before the Hague-based International Court of Justice.

The written evidence should be submitted to the court by the end of June. Greece then has a further six more months to gather its evidence.

FYROMacedonia filed a suit against Greece in November. Skopje claims that Athens breached the 1995 UN sponsored interim accord by last year’s vetoing the country’s NATO accession.
According to the 1995 agreement, Greece should refrain from such actions as long as “Macedonia” uses the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM. Greece however argues that Skopje breached the accord first by naming Skopje’s airport Alexander the Great.

Legal experts have warned that an ICJ ruling in favour of FYROMacedonia will not oblige Greece to lift its veto in NATO.

Mislsoski has denied media reports that he will meet the UN mediator in the name row, Matthew Nimetz.

“A meeting with Nimetz has not been scheduled. We do not want to disrupt the dynamics determined by the mediator, in line with the plan of not holding meetings before elections. We believe he is waiting for the end of the European elections in Greece,” Milososki said.
(Reporting by Sinisa-Jakov Marusic)

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