FYROM’s Distortions, Lies and Propaganda fall short once more

One of the most laughable propaganda scenes that FYROM’s propagandists have choreographed in a long time was last Friday’s “invention” of a so-called comment by the German Professor Mittag in a… nowhere-to-be-found discussion group.

You’ve got to hand it to the FYROM propaganda Machine: Only they could convince their own people that a non-existing discussion group actually exists. And even more amusingly in that non-existing group there are allegedly existing scholars who actively participate.

I realize it seems to be the fashion in FYROM, to “invent” the most ludicrus claims you will ever hear, so that they counter the massive evidence against their own illusions.

Its more than obvious that the letter to the US President Obama, signed by *233 Professors of Greek and Roman antiquities was a huge blow to the heinous FYROM’s propaganda. Therefore they had to “invent” something to distract the attention. They found it but sadly it turned into a boumerang against them.

More specifically, on Friday, in the well-known Skopian forums which serve mainly as vehicles of wide distributions of FYROM’s misinformation campaigns, it was publish a comment, supposedly from the “Oxford Classicists Discussion Group” mailing list. Such a group of course is nowhere to be found online.

The supposed e-mail address of the group is “oxford.ssac.clarence.uk@ barebones.usenetnext.com”.

In other words, the format is “mail@subdomain.domain.com“.
The domain is “usenetnext.com” and it’s non-existent, as a whois search shows.

In this universe, there is absolutely no way that a mailing list will function with an imaginary domain. But certainly the Slavs of FYROM have learnt to live in an imaginary world so they are partly excused!!

In fact FYROM’s propagandists knew the claim was false, deliberately used it anyway and when caught, issued a collective “OOPS.” It became even more laughable that the same people distributed that unsubstantiated fake “news” to the FYROM’s media and they, of course, blindly and without examining what they are being served, undertook the task to make it known from the one corner of FYROM to the other.

In this video, by FYROMian Sitel TV, it is claimed that Prof. P. F. Mittag actually stated:

I am surprised to find my name on the list….I have to distance myself from the list. I am not its signatory and it is a farce if Miller does not correct that. I don’t like the tone of the letter. I think it is a political game without winner.”

This is the video-clip of Sitel’s newscast:


This is a screenshot of Prof. Mittag’s fake statement from the video:

Conclusion: Once again FYROM’s propagandists managed to become the laughing stock of the world community. Not only is their callous and careless leadership disdained through the letter to President Obama signed by almost 233 Academics from all over the world, but the people of FYROM are constantly scorned and humiliated as long as they are allowing themselves to be the easy, permanent targets of their own State’s Propaganda campaign.

Will any of these Slavic forgerers apologise even to their own people for intentionally misleading them? Absolutely NO!! Where did they find honesty and Sincerity in the first place, in order to use it anyway??

As a scholar from UK had once put it: “Propaganda is this branch of the art of lying which consists of nearly deceiving your own people without quite deceiving your enemies.”

By Konstantina

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