1919 - Relief work in Eastern Macedonia

This book,edited in 1919 by the American Red Cross commission in Eastern Macedonia,shortly after the end of WW1 and the Bulgarian occuppation of the area during WW1 (1915-17) is a source of valuable informations about this turbulent period of modern Macedonian history. I always remember my paternal grandparents mentioning the three times our land was occupied by the Bulgarians (1912-13 1st Balkan war,1915-17 WW1,1941-44 WW2) as “proti Voulgaria”,”devteri Voulgaria” and “triti Voulgaria” respectively. If someone visits some villages in Eastern Macedonia,he will find everywhere in the monument of the central square a simmilar inscription: “1915-17 ΕΝ ΟΜΗΡΙΑ ΥΠΟ ΤΩΝ ΒΟΥΛΓΑΡΩΝ ΦΟΝΕΥΘΕΝΤΕΣ”-“killed by the Bulgarians under hostage” and a lot of names below.

By Kostas68

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