Distortion of facts by the anti greek propaganda made in Skopje

It is not difficult to find cheap examples of the skopjan propaganda throughout the net.


Such an example is the following hilarious video on the alleged “genocide” commited by Greeks against the Skopjans, a genocide never documented in any records of the world history, but only in the minds of the fascist propagandists from Skopje.


The youtube link is the following:




A snapshot:



The creator of the video has been very careful on cutting almost the half of the photo so as to suit his agenda.


The whole photo is the following






and comes from the well documented in history books events that took place in Athens on December 1944, when greek demonstrators supporting the communist party and its military wing, converged on Syntagma Square, where police forces opened fire on them. It is still unclear whether the first shots were fired by the police or the demonstrators and it has to be added that the demonstration wasn’t allowed to take place by the government.



Returning to our argument




the banners we see ,thrown on the ground or held by people, the part that was deliberately cut by the skopjan propagandist, place the photo in its actual place and time.


Note that this video figures in the front page of the racist/fascist site “maknews” under the title “how macedonians were….”



No surprises in this case too.

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Viktor says:

The last photo is from the battle at the Nozhot peak. It took place in 1907 between VMRO detachments and Turkish forces. It was one of the largest after the Ilinden uprising. The dead bodies have nothing to do with the Greeks.