United for “Macedonia” Demands Resignation of PM Gruevski


Monday, 06 July 2009

United for “Macedonia” Demands Resignation of PM Gruevski


“PM Gruevski should resign and form a technocratic-expert government,” demands Ljube Boskoski, United for FYROM President, establishing that the government has failed in all areas.

“The new government will not be a hostage of the family interests of the leaderships of VMRO-DPMNE or SDSM. The new government should stimulate FYROM’s intellectual capacity, bring FYROM to NATO, obtain negotiations date, resolve the problems with the electoral lists and organise early elections,” stated Boskoski.

When asked by a journalist if Boskoski was aware how much the FYROM Government (Gruevski) spent to get him out of jail (Hague), Boskoski responded it was irrelevant. The journalist still provided Mr. Boskoski with (1 million euros) figure, taxpayers money.

United for FYROM president also accused Gruevski of lobbying for the EU mission from FYROM to leave.

MiNa sources have confirmed SDSM’s leader Branko Crvenkovski have promised Boskoski the Minister of Defense position should they be able to topple Gruevski’s government.


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