Answer to Gandeto #3 ( Macedonian name conflict - Who is afraid of Macedonia)

Answer to Gandeto #3 ( Macedonian name conflict - Who is afraid of Macedonia)

Istor the Macedonian
June 23, 2009
This article is an answer to Gandeto´s article entitled ” Who is afraid of Macedonia» and published here: Please, read that article and this answer in parallel.

First let me tell you that history has decided that Macedonians have always been Greeks. Whoever denies that is a SlavoSkopian propagandist of lies.

I love answering to SlavoSkopian propagandists´ “smart” questions. They are so stupid that ONLY an illiterate people would tell them.

Now, who is afraid of Macedonian truth? SlavoSkopians! That is the Slav inhabitants of FYROM who pretend to be Macedonians. They are afraid of Macedonians because Macedonians have always been Greeks and made this clear to any eyeful people. That´s why SlavoSkopian propagandists don´t allow SlavoSkopian people direct access to the truth about Macedonians:

Let me answering now to the questions of that article.

1. At those ancient times, all Greeks (including Macedonians) were fighting each other ceaselessly trapped in an endless civil (intertribal) war. Macedonians themselves, were divided in several Kingdoms, who fought each other, before Philip and after Alexander, just like southern Greeks. The most famous inter-Greek war was the “Peloponnesian” war which lasted for 27 years and led to the destroy of both Athens and Sparta. During that war, Spartans asked Persians for help.

2. Could Spartans do that towards a non Greek conqueror? By doing so, didn´t they tell us that Macedonians have been Greeks behaving like barbarians at that very moment?

3. The distinction between Macedonians and southern Greeks was ONLY geographic and political. Never forget that Greeks were united ONLY under Alexander´s leadership and not voluntarily. Look at American Civil War or a two modern Koreas.

4. By foreign Justin means “from another land”. Or he didn´t know what he talked about. Does he say something about Macedonian and southern Greeks´ language of communication?

5. 6. 7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Greeks were divided by ´race´ in three main tribes: Ionians, Dorians and Aeolians. Greek tribes fought each other ceaselessly. That´s why they created a specific term for inter-Greece peace lovers: Philhellene. The term was for the Greeks who wanted the unification and reconciliation of all Greeks, beyond city states. (why do you SlavoSkopians write again and again the same questions that have been answered by us Greeks wisely? Stupidity or lack of arguments?). Anyway, maybe SlavoSkopians need to know about civil wars or divided peoples. Did Southern Americans ever say a good word for Northern ones during American Civil war? Are Northern Koreans less Korean than Southern ones? Livius clearly states that Macedonian was a Greek dialect:

8. Macedonian was a Greek dialect as all those mentioned passages cite and the Pella Curse tablet assures: Today, none can deny Macedonian dialect Greekness but if he is an imbecile SlavoSkopian propagandist.

9. Since the ancient times Greeks had three ethnic names: Hellenes, Yunan, Greeks. All those three names were local tribal Greek names. Romans, who met first Greeks of Greece called us Greeks. Persians who met first Ionian Greeks, called us Yunan and Greeks called themselves as Hellenes, maybe attracted by the name of Achilles´ land and Kingdom. ´Amazingly´ Persians called Macedonians as “Yunan” since 513 BC:

Macedonians had always Greek names, toponyms, ways, heroes, gods, dialect and spread Greek Language and Civilization to the World.

Macedonians named after Greek names ALL the cities they built or renamed.

If any modern white people do what Macedonians did we will call them Macedonians.

Whoever denies Macedonians’ Greekness is ignoramus or idiot or an imbecile SlavoSkopian propagandist.


Macedonian, therefore Greek