A1: Spaska Mitrova convicted for being Bulgarian, RADKO claims

5 August 2009 | 13:41 | FOCUS News Agency

Skopje. “Was Spaska Mitrova convicted for being a Bulgarian or is she just using her Bulgarian passport as an alibi?” asks the FYROM’s А1 TV.
23-year-old Mitrova has been in jail for several days serving a 3-month sentence for not letting her husband visit their 2-year-old daughter.
To her kin, to the restored organization of Bulgarians in FYROM RADKO, one of the founders being Mitrova herself, and to Krasimir Karakachanov’s VMRO the case is a political montage caused by Mitrova’s declaring herself a Bulgarian.
Yet from the start she has been subjected to pressure so that the child would not be raised in the spirit of Bulgarian tradition. She has told me many times that this is so and that the social service has used the procedure to such an end” RADKO president Vladimir Pankov stated.
She has been mistreated by the Social Center, she has been threatened by the Social Center. They want her to give up her Bulgarian citizenship. The same thing happened in court” said Zivko Cavdarov, a relative of Spaska Mitrova’s.
Mitrova told her story for A1 a couple of months earlier, but failed to mention it was all on account of her being Bulgarian. She complained of being convicted over a non-announced decision by the Social Issues Center. Representatives of the Center then explained that Mitrova refused to comply with its decision, which had become effective with the very act of being placed on the announcement board at the Center.
A month later, prior to getting locked in Idrizovo Prison, Mitrova appeared one of RADKO founders.
Because of Spaska Mitrova’s case Karakachanov has required that Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov veto FYROM’s accession to NATO and the EU and retain visa travel for FYROM’s citizens.
If the Bulgarian government fails to secure Mitrova’s release within a week Karakachanov is promising protests outside the FYROM’s embassy in Sofia and a case against FYROM in Strasbourg.

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