Spaska Mitrova case – comments in FYROM’s media

Sofia and Skopje again exchanged diplomatic notes. This time the new government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov did not hesitate much on the case with Spaska Mitrova and sent “a threatening diplomatic note” while Skopje responded with much moderate tone,  Dnevnik daily writes.
Sofia warns it will consider FYROM’s attitude towards this and similar cases as one of the criteria according to which the country’s preparedness to implement reforms will be assessed, the daily notes. The newspaper presents the FYROM’s side in the case, saying Spaska, who was once head over heels in love with Vojislav and then they split, is a “newly fledged” Bulgarian. While studying in Blagoevgrad University she had a FYROM’s passport, Interior Ministry says. In April 2009 she was granted expressly a Bulgarian passport after having been sentenced to pay a given sum, the same source says. Later she was sentenced to three months in prison, the daily says and adds that at that time RADKO association appeared and helped Mitrova get a Bulgarian passport and she became one of the founders of the association.
Utrinski Vesnik cites its sources as saying that the case is clean from a legal point of view and it is not about “persecution” of Bulgarian citizens. The daily writes that instead of serving the sentence, Mitrova asked for a postponement (and she received a permit) and she had to go to Idrizovo prison on 14 June. Meanwhile, in April, Utrinski Vesnik sources claim, she was granted a Bulgarian passport. The newspaper comments that Bulgaria has to answer the question how Mitrova, whose sentence was already brought into force, received citizenship in Bulgaria.
“Bulgaria will not, but can,” writes Spic daily. Bulgaria will not block FYROM’s EU and NATO membership, neither will it change the decision to lift visas for citizens of FYROM as of 1 January. It is much more likely that Bulgaria will be the first country to lift visas for FYROM’s citizens and support the country in its Euro-Atlantic aspiration after the EU decision on lifting visa regime, the newspaper comments on the words of VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement leader Krasimir Karakachanov, who a few days ago called on Boyko Borisov’s government not to lift visas for FYROM’s citizens and to block FYROM’s accession to the EU and NATO.
The Bulgarian government and foreign ministry refused on Wednesday to comment whether Borisov considers vetoing EU’s visa regime decision.
Alsat-M television channel notes Bulgarian Foreign Ministry insists on FYROM’s urgent intervention so that the situation is clarified and calls on authorities to take necessary measures to release the Bulgarian citizen.
The FYROM’s televisions Sitel, A1 and Kanal 5 report the case as well.
Source: Focus Information Agency

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D-Mak says:

Hi, some of your arguments simply do not make sense. The argument “Bulgaria should bear this name [..] because Bulgars, Macedonians and Thracians were…cool” might be found in some primary school, but nowhere else.

Historical issues are not settled based in alleged “Coolness”, but solely in facts. Lets name some of them:

-- Fact is that ancient Macedonians identified themselves and were identified by others as Greeks.

-- Fact is that during Byzantine era, No Byzantine source (unless you can prove otherwise) ever names a Slav/Bulgar/Turk as Macedonian, although people from the aforementioned identities were inhabiting parts of Macedonia. The term “Macedonian” is used exclusively for Byzantine citizens of Greek origin inhabiting the Macedonian region.

-- Fact is that the Slavs inhabiting Macedonia mostly identified themselves and were identified by others as Bulgarians for many centuries.

-- Fact is that the Slavs inhabiting now modern FYROM are mostly of Bulgarian Origins and speak a Bulgarian dialect mixed with some Serbian elements.

-- When a Greek currently uses the name “Macedonian”, he associates it with the Greek inhabitants of the Greek Macedonia. When a Bulgarian uses the name “Macedonian”, he associates it with the Slavic inhabitants of FYROM.

As i stated in my previous post, Greeks do not lay claims on the Slavic people living in FYROM. We acknowledge they are of Bulgarian origin. We simply state that the Greek name Macedonia is part of Greek history and Culture and its been so from the first time ever used. Being Cool has nothing to do with it.

The says:

Hi, it might kill you with laughter but it is a strong argument. If the Bulgarian Macedonians in Greece do not feel Bulgarian affiliation and prefer to play sirtaki then they are perfectly integrated Greek nationals. Speaking of the fact that Macedonia was inhabited by Greek tribe can not argue. You may read Greek history, but you are not familiar with the Bulgarian. We do not deny this fact even in our history has been recorded that some of the ethnic composition derived from this tribe. These people most likely currently living in the same places where their ancestors lived. During all this time are mixed with the Slavs, Bulgaria, Thrace and the Greek lost his consciousness. It is very simple -- a militant nation with the principles sought to be separated from the Greek gorged slaveholders. History remembers many occasions when fought war Macedonians with Greece. In Bulgars which made up only 10 percent of our ethnic composition of Bulgaria they have seen the wisdom, strength, equality of all ethnicities laws, not acceptance of slavery and a strong state. This is the reason and the Slavs, Macedonians and Thracians who together numbered 90% of the population to obey the rule of the Bulgars. Subsequently, this nation has purge and the Bulgarian language has only two words left over from the proto. That is why Bulgaria should bear this name, in our case would be appropriate to say Slavs but a great nation has left a mark in history and our consciousness, we have chosen to follow those principles. This decision which took all these peoples is based on the fact that the Bulgars were simply cool, Macedonians and Thracians and Slavs were cool together they are defending their territories and are shared equally wealth. Greeks are definitely not cool -- their history is replete with wars and fraternal shedding their own blood and bondage perversions. Displays and practice it in life and with money from the EU. My grandparents were from Macedonia, a family of my husband too. His grandfather is set to Greek. We are Bulgarians simply because Bulgarians are cool. I think it’s wonderful that when I go to Macedonia to talk to all of Bulgarian. And the internet also. With the Greeks must write in English. In a culture Macedonians have the same characters, same songs we sing. Our peoples are close, the same blood we are. So that we together will now run you again in Macedonia. Leave your memories and melancholy in the great Greek state. People with uncertain future often stresses his past.

Edessa says:

lol are you trying to kill us from laughing? Do you even perceive what the issue is about? Apparently not. Try to search about the ongoing dispute between Greece and FYROM and if you finally comprehend what it is about come back. Even your arguments range between childish to nonsensical. “The territories belong to the people who inhabit them”. If you accept so, then the Macedonians in Greece who inhabit the 51% of the Macedonian Region and constitutes the vast majority of the population in Macedonian Region have the right to the name. If you dont like it then deal with it and stop wasting our time with your absurdities and illusions.

The says:

The fact that Macedonia was Greek before 1600 years is not entitled to claim. Macedonians speak Bulgarian. We are Bulgarians conquered their territories in all honesty, with a battle. We have been stronger and we received what we want. The territories belong to the people who inhabit them. Currently, Macedonia is inhabited by Bulgarian and Serbian agents who have gone there after 1940. As you go outraged -- this is life, winner takes all. Stop dealing with the Macedonian issue. This is the work of the Bulgarians.During the Bulgarian state of King Simeon Macedonia is just tell Bulgaria and Macedonia was the name name of the county. One day when Macedonia and Bulgaria become again a one country of Macedonia will also be a local name.

D-Mak says:

I am shocked by the false perception you carry about the Macedonian Issue. Greeks do not lay any claim on the people of FYROM who are of Slavic extraction and their ancestors identified as Bulgarians for centuries. The Slavs of FYROM lay claims on the Greek name “Macedonia” and the history associated with the Greek tribe of ancient Macedonians.

The says:

I am shocked by the material which gives no information on the case Spaska. I am a from family with are descendants of the Bulgarian Macedonian fled the Yugoslav regime and the persecution of Serb nationalists working in secret services. The story is only one and it can not be changed, the population of Macedonia has been done by the Bulgarians last 1000 years.A case Spaska is absurd. She was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, and custody and rights taken away because it did not provide a bed covered with a white sheet on her former husband. On the next instance was sentenced to another 9 months in prison because he claimed the fact that the judge is a former state security, Serbian communist agent and one one of the people who had persecuted Bulgarians, because of their Bulgarian identity in Macedonia.Is more than clear that the judge in this case can not remain impartial.Rather than be separated from the case he has ordered prison for Spaska. Here we see a clear violation of civil rights.Finally I turn to the Greeks . No matter how angry you we conquered Macedonia and we lived in it and its population will continue to ia Bulgarian consciousness.As much as you pay the Macedonians to identify as Greeks can not change the fact that in Macedonia talking of pure Bulgarian.