Greece Lures FYROMacedonian Workers


Που είναι όλοι αυτοί  που φωνάζουν ότι δεν βρίσκουν δουλειά;

Greece Lures FYROMacedonian Workers

Skopje | 10 August 2009 |

Halkidiki peninsula, Greece
Halkidiki peninsula, Greece

Despite the country’s ongoing political spat, neighbouring Greece has become a Mecca for young FYROMacedonians seeking better employment prospects, local media report.

 FYROMacedonians earn an average monthly wage of 300 euros and the domestic unemployment rate is 34 per cent. Thus, working in Greek tourist resorts during the May-October holiday season is an attractive option, given that the average wage of resort workers is 1500 euros per month, the daily Utrinski Vesnik reported on Monday.

FYROMacedonians, who serve as waiters, cashiers, drivers or night watchmen, say they usually receive fair treatment from their employers. They report that the owners see their FYROMacedonian origin as a plus as it helps them deal well with FYROMacedonian and other tourists from the region.

A 29-year-old FYROMacedonian from Skopje, who worked on the Greek island of Ios, explained that the array of young people seeking work varies from those looking for serious earnings to adventurers who see resort work as a way to pay for their vacations. 

“There are people who have been to work in Greece five or six times, they will usually help you settle once you arrive”, he told the daily.

He noted that their stay in Greece is limited to the three month duration of their tourist visas and that often the jobs are illegal and without the usual benefits. 

It is not uncommon for FYROMacedonians to get even higher ranking positions in hotel management, a young woman, who worked in the guest relations department of a Halkidiki peninsula hotel, said.

You sign a regular job contract. You get a guaranteed vacation and a place to stay,” she told the daily.

(Reporting by Sinisa-Jakov Marusic)

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