FYROM’s biggest problem as of 1990 is identity crisis: FOCUS News Agency President

FYROM’s biggest problem as of 1990 is identity crisis: FOCUS News Agency President

Blagoevgrad. Unfortunately, the Izidovo prison in Macedonia is a prison in which the Bulgarian subject existed since 1945. Practically all of this is unfortunately connected with the policy mainly Bulgarians and Albanians with respectively Bulgarian and Albanian consciousness to be put in Macedonians prisons, said Krasimir Uzunov, President of FOCUS News Agency, for FOCUS Radio-Pirin.
In his wordsFYROM “bears birth marks of Tito’s special services. Things has not been changed, they cannot be taken out of the pattern, proposed by Macedonian government,” Uzunov pointed.
In reference to the question whether Spaska Mitrova’s case has become political he said it has been made political both by Bulgaria and Macedonia.
Unfortunately, this had to be put into public just because the Bulgarian foreign ministry could have objective reasons at the basis of the fact the Ministry’s management is being changed. In principle, this has been a priority of the foreign ministry and not so much of media. When it comes to Macedonia foreign ministry’s policy is usually very delicate and must be spurred on by the media and thus it has become political,” Krasimir Uzunov said.

In reference to the comments in FYROM’s media the government in Skope has tried through the case to show FYROM’s Slavs it strongly defends FYROM national identity from “such destructors like Spaska Mitrova” Uzunov said:
If Spaska Mitrova is the biggest destructor of Macedonian national identity then what identity are we talking about? The problem with FYROM’s identity is very important and when it is used against such helpless people like Spaska Mitrova this means this identity is in crisis.”
The big problem of FYROM’s existence since 1990 and this is identity crisis. It is hardy to make identity just at the basis of stolen history,”
Krasimir Uzunov pointed.



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