FYROM’s new Stadium: When Nationalism and Absurdity meet!!

Sometimes, you really just have to sit back and laugh at the Ultra-Nationalistic Propaganda Campaign initiated by FYROM’s regime. In their case, History has been the tragic victim and sadly, it looks like it will be forever burdened by the propensity of the political class to stir the Slavic element of FYROM into a level of mass hysteria. Nomatter the fact that fabrications form the basis of this *unique* version of “History”.

In such cases, its also possible this level of Nationalistic Hysteria to inflate into Absurdity. But the hysteria surrounding FYROM has nowhere to go. It is already Absurd!!!

Yesterday, i had the laugh of my life while watching Photographs of the way that the FYROM’s new Stadium will look like. The Photographs were published by the newspaper “Proto Thema” in a very interesting article of Panagiotis Savvidis and certainly worth taking a look.

Photos from the newspaper “Proto Thema”

In the photos you will witness yourselves, models depicting…. ancient Greek heroes like Alexander the Great, his father Philip II of Macedonia, ancient Macedonian soldiers, lions and all these inside a.. Football Stadium!!! Imagine what would have happened if Athens had built a new Football Stadium full of… statues from Pericles, Themistocles or Egypt to build a Soccer Stadium with Pharaohs guarding it. But as absurd, as utterly outlandish this sounds, FYROM’s officials plan exactly to materialize this cretinism.

Thankfully, there are still a few concerned citizens of FYROM who have grown wiser to their State’s proclivity for obscene propaganda and raise their voices against the varrying decrees of mass manipulation. Afterall this sad situation belittles their country, their own compatriots and of course themselves in the eyes of the rest of the world.

But in essense, that’s how the Slavic element has been degenerated into that country: Petrified and buying whatever foolishness their state-sponsored propaganda invents . So maybe we should just sit back and ask that the last intelligent person in that place to turn off the lights when he or she leaves!!

By Ptolemy

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iconoclast says:

you just have to burst out in laughter, rolling round all over the floor.

i, personally, was on the floor rolling around in laughter for at least 10 mins.