24 Ore – Albanians in FYROM are Listening To Greek Music To Spite Gruevski

24 Ore  
“They Are Listening To Greek Music To Spite Gruevski”
by Ardian Mehmeti:
Skopje 27 Aug 2009.  In various public bars and on different websites, Albanian youths are increasingly listening to Greek music — as they say — to spite the Slavomacedonians and Gruevski.  The immense irritation and the intense hatred against the current slavomacedonian prime minister have started to manifest themselves in this realm as well.  According to them, the expression of this kind of annoyance is directed at objecting to this government, which has come into conflict with Greece over the name issue.  We were caught by surprise when we noticed that a local public bar in Tetovo was playing Greek music.  One of the waiters told us that listening to this kind of music had become a daily routine, which, in his view, is happening for a particular reason.  “Yes, normally, there is tendency to make a mockery of this issue by listening to this kind of music to spite the slavomacedonians and please the Greeks, but we also listen to this music because it is fascinating music,” Tetovo waiter Arlind said.  The Greek music is so loud that even passersby can hear it outside the pubs.
Nonetheless, on internet forums one can spot different debates about the preference for Greek music and precisely about the Slavomacedonian Government’s trend of promoting the policy on antiquity, thus appropriating ancient elements.  There are short texts and messages explaining why Greek music is being listened to.  “This guy Gruevski has forced me to listen to Greek music.  Lately, I have participated in Greek internet forums to voice my support for the Greek party on the name dispute.”  “Because of resentment against this government, I prefer Greek songs.”  These and other messages have recently been posted on various internet forums.

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Besart says:

i am from Tetovo and I can tell that this is 100% true. We do listen greek music not only in bars but also when driving to frustrate the bulgarians (read: monkeydonians)!
P.S. sorry for my english

P. Christodoulou says:

Eventually you will outbreed the Bulgarians in Northern Macedonia and they will be another Slavic minority in Albanian-majority territory.
God willing you remain friends with your Greek neighbours and not claim Macedonia, it's heroes and history exclusively as your own.
After all Albanians and Greeks are the indigenous people of the area and when they befriend each other, they actually do get along. Blood is thicker than water after all.