Shocking News!! Death Threats Against the Children of Two Strong Critics of the FYROM’s State

Branko Gerovski, mainstream journalist with 30 years of career, “liberal” in the general sense of the word, who in recent few years criticized very vocally the policy of “Antiquization” and stubborn refusal of compromise with Greece as well as an unspecified “University Professor” received death threats deemed credible, that their children are to be killed, because of their parents being “Traitors of Macedonia”. What is known is that this is serious threat (SMS via phone with detailed whereabouts of children and their outdoor routine). Besides, the mobile phone was not even registered on his name or publicly known. This happened few days ago. ], founded recently. He is also occasionally critical of some Greek positions in the dispute.

Gerovski has an extremely hostile reception by far the overwhelming majority of the public. On few Media sites where the news has been published and where reader’s comment are allowed, virtually 80% are supportive of the threatening party. He leads a loose coalition of intellectuals under umbrella NGO “Citizens for European Macedonia”. It is compromised of very high-brow center to leftist intellectuals, most of them bloggers and columnist in few opposition newspapers. Besides, he is the Editor in Chief of the political and cultural issues weekly “Sega” (“Now”) [See video above

The official Manifesto of this NGO:

Gerovski petitioned private lawsuit “against unidentified perpetrator”.

As for the one unidentified Professor, there are four names that can be though of, all of them being, one way or another, long standing locally know critics of Gruevski’s policy.

Something serious is under way, everybody should keep an eye on it for human reasons. Dark forces are now threatening to kill children, no less, for grievances against their parents journalist and scientific opinions, with evidence suggesting that they have conducted serious research.

There is no need to mention that Gerovski is a pop-culture icon, an “accursed traitor of his people” with the proverbial “secret thick bank account in Nicosia”, “donated yacht docked at some Aegean island” etc.

Source: AMAC forums

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