Animal-Rights Activists target Massacre of Stray Dogs in Skopje, FYROM


Animals are brutally killed in the “Vardarishte” shelter of Skopje, FYROM according to OIPA’s reports (Photo

A reader sent us a link from the International Organization of Animal Protection (OIPA) which raises public awareness about the cruel treatment, stray dogs endure in the “Vardarishte” shelter, in Skopje, FYROM. The latter is an institution which literary has closed its doors for the people who want to adopt a homeless dog and kill innocent animals” . Apparently there is one only shelter over there, where dogs are killed in huge number and impressive frequency. The Mayor, responsible of the shelter, declared openly that dogs must be killed, everyone of them. Volunteers protested, of course, but it’s been vain.


The shelter was meant to sterilize dogs and then let them go, but OFFICIALLY 56% of dogs are killed. There are about 10,000 dogs in the streets that have to be “cleaned” and volunteers  need International support. According to the statistics, Skopje has the highest level of euthanized homeless dogs. OIPA is also calling on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s officials to to adopt a sterilisation programme and a NO-Kill Policy.

All animals deserve humane treatment and certainly Skopje’s officials must phase out these cruel and inhuman systems against stray dogs, currently prevailing in FYROM.

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D-Mak says:

Ah these freaky, hypocrit Slavs of FYROM strike again. Anything happened to Greece will be in the headline of FYROM’s newspapers in the most negative manner and now they bitch n’ moan why others bother with a foreign country!!

FYROM’s tremendous Human Rights have no match. There if you dare not to accept the state-sponsored propaganda, you ‘ll find yourself thrown in the Psychiatric/prison facilities where some “gentlemen” will beat your ass and transform you into a drug addict.

As expected not a single word of condemn against the horrific practise of massacring stray dogs. For FYROM’s Slavs its just “some dogs”.

kjnefd says:

Wow, what hypocrites. How about you guys start caring about human rights in your own country (like the rights of the minorities) instead of bitching about some dogs in a foreign one?