FYROM tends to create a Unique Myth in Sporting Events by not complying with the International Regulations and cry when they are applied!!!

FYROM tends to create a Unique Myth in Sporting events by not complying with the International Regulations and cry when they are applied.

Another incident took place these days during a Sporting Event which highlights that FYROM just cant get over their childish Nationalistic games.

During the Balkan Badminton Championship which takes place in Polykastro, Greece, Athletes from FYROM decided once more to ignore the International Regulations. They appeared by wearing jerseys on which the word “Macedonia” was printed instead of FYROM.

Naturally the hosts reacted to the violation and demanded the Athletes to wear jerseys with FYROM reference which after all comply with the regulations set by the World Badminton Federation.

Instead of coming to their senses, FYROM Athletes - possibly with the guidance of their country’s federation - decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Now we witness one of the most obscure phenomena. A country’s media (FYROM) to cry over the fact that International Regulations are applied instead of being violated!!!!

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HELLENIC EMPIRE 336-323 says:

OLI ELLINES please stop calling these thieving fools fyromians because the have no macedonian (hellenic) blood in them, THEY ARE SLAVS just like the serbs,croats,bulgarians,bosnians all with different dialect’s of the slavic language.ONLY 1 HELLAS

Georgios Rigas says:

The fyronias did that on purpose. Their protest is on purpose.
They new that the regulations on all sporting events exclude
political manifestos.
It is the road the Fyronias choose and therefore are sleeping on the bed
they prepared.

iconoclast says:


you’ve got to be kidding, what sort of lame excuse is that.

These Slavs of the FYROM are not little kiddies, 3 years of age, that need to be taken by the hand and explained every single step. The international regulations are not something that change on a daily basis. The international regulations are known to all participants countries. If they choose to be belligerent and and flippantly ignore them, then they suffer the consequences. Period. This is not the first time they have tried this stunt.

Costas says: