Ancient Macedonian Ethnicity – The Stele of Kytenians

Photo: Mathieu Rocheleau, Canadian episkopic mission of Xanthos-Letoon in Lycia, modern Turkey

The “Stele” of the Kytenians was discovered at Xanthos, in which the latter the latter appeal to the Xanthians for help in restoring the walls of their city. In the Stele we find references to the Heracleid origins of the Kings Ptolemy and Antiochus.

J. Bousquet (1988: 14-16, lines 37-42): χαριεισθαί τε ημας θπακούσαν| τας είς ταύτα ου μόνον αυτοίς αλλά και Αιτωλοίς και| τοις άλλοις Δωριεύσι πάσιν, και μάλιστα τι βασιλεί Πτ[ο]λεμαίω όντι συγγενεί Δωριέων κατά τους Βασιλείς τους αφ’ Ηρακλέους Αργεάδας΄Lines 47-49: δια το τον βασιλέα Πτολεμαίον απόγον όντα Η|ρακλέους αναφέρειν την σθγγένειαν επί τους βασι|λείς τους αφ΄ Ηρακλέους Lines 74-76: ποτί τας πόλεις τας | συγγενείς αι τους βασιλείς τους απο Ηρακλέους Πτο|λεμαίον και Αντίοχον΄Πτολεμίωι διά το συγγενή αμών είμεν κατά τους Βασιλείς.

Translation in English

Responding favourably to their request, we shall make ourselves agreeable not only to them, but also to the Aetolians and to all the other Dorians, and above all, to king Ptolemy, who is related to the Dorians through the Argead kings descending from Heracles; because King Ptolemy, who is a descendant of Heracles, traces his kingship to the kings descending from Heracles; to the kindred cities and to the kings Ptolemy and Antiochos, who descend from Herakles; to the Aetolians and all the other Dorians and , above all, to king Ptolemy, for he is related to us through the kings.


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