Gruevski is the direct instigator of the so-called “Macedonian” Encyclopedia

Skopje Dnevnik 24 Sep 09 p 11

Commentary by Nikola Popovski: “Yeast”

[…]There is a core of academicians and their collaborators from the Skopje state university within MANU, who have a very inaccurate perception of [FYR]Macedonia and its future. […] Some MANU members needed the yeast that then VMRO-DPMNE Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski put into the dough in order to ensure the prompt fermentation of their dark ideas. With little changes, incumbent VMRO-DPMNE Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski actively pursues the same policy today. MANU’s dough was left to rest until 2009, when conditions were again right for it to start rising. Gruevski played the role of yeast this time round.

He himself, along with his politics, the mad ideas about the country’s antiquization, and the open hostility toward everybody who is not loyal to his ideology and reign acted as the yeast triggering fermentation inside our society. […] We have yet to see many surprises of this kind for as long as the VMRO-DPMNE men with strong backbones are in power, served by those without backbones.

The problems concerning the encyclopedia whose publication [FYR]Macedonia awaited for decades are evident in the several entries that rightly enraged the Albanians living in the country. I believe that a careful reading of the entire contents will reveal “a thousand and one” other problematic entries. [….]

The role of the “brave” prime minister, who is constantly running around the place in order to make it to every new tap being put into operation, should not be underestimated. […] Nikola Gruevski, who allegedly claims to be a new politician (as opposed to all the others, except him, who took part in managing [FYR]Macedonia’s transition politics), received the biggest coverage. He is small in real terms for independent [FYR]Macedonia, but big in the encyclopedia.

Precisely he, that is, the incumbent prime minister’s new political image, is the direct instigator (or yeast if you want) for what is being said in the encyclopedia. It is no coincidence that the authors have given him so much space and praises in return. They hope that with him as their leader, they will have a lot of room to continue working on works like this.

What exactly is happening with parts of MANU? Is there a single serious test that MANU passed over the past 15 years? There is not enough evidence to support this. After the last major omission, everybody has distanced themselves from the amateurism (or implicit intentions) of the [FYR]Macedonian encyclopedia. At least this has been the case at the time of writing this article. […]

What matters is that after two days of deliberation, the VMRO-DPMNE has nevertheless decided to defend the MANU authors. […] The work on the encyclopedia is apparently a mere continuation of this government’s political doctrine anyway. Nothing in the encyclopedia is there by coincidence. This is a note in case somebody is fooled into thinking that the MANU allegedly promoted something on its own, with the government falling hostage to these ideas. The opposite is the case. What is happening within MANU is a classic example of falling hostage to a destructive philosophy of political thinking and reign in this country. Unfortunately, [FYR]Macedonia is rushing toward becoming a provincial society and distancing itself from the modern world.


(The term [FYR] is used solely by the Blog and not by the original article)

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Ben says:

First of all, an encyclopedia is not made so that Macedonia will have better relations with other countries. It is made so that the real (objective!) history will be written for future generations to know it. Bending truth, and rewriting history is what they don’t need, and that is not the way to make friends.

If it’s bad for someone, maybe they really did bad things? If it wasn’t a relevant encyclopedia, why all the fuss?
The population there 1. Knows the real story, and now sees how is history written, 2. we should see the future, not to see the past and get cocky about it and talk about burning the Macedonian flag in the middle of Skopje 3. It is not a call of conflict, the conflict was in 2001 when terrorists attacked western parts of Macedonia.

I would really want to get my hands on the first edition, before everything is rewritten. And for those who think that there are lies in it, I don’t know, I haven’t read it. If I find some, I’ll write a Word document with arguments and send it to MANU.

May Peace be in all of you.

Georgios Rigas says:

In the path of history others also tried to alter, falsify, forge,lie, cook etc etc
in such a way as to serve their own purpose, plans, machinations.
But the last word always belongs to history. Give it time and the “oil always will come to the surface”
As for that gentleman, who “runs’ FYROM i dont intent to waste our and your time.
Sincerely Georgios

Alban says:

1. It’s a shame!!! Considering that this encyclopedia didn’t meet the professional, historical and political standards. Big disinformation have caused the heavy protest of Albanians in FYROM but as well from foreign diplomacy.

What is intended doesn’t harm so much other peoples who will regret what is written there. Harmed will be the majority population there who 1. will not have a proper and true reference to know their story. 2.national fanaticism stimulated by this edition will obstacle them to build a healthy country based in reciprocity of respect with other nations who are important components of FYROM. As well this “Encyclopedia” doesn’t help the future state to build good relationship with surrounding countries. 3. This thesis sounds as a call for conflict and are very similar with nazis references to nationalism before the WWII

I’m really sorry that this first edition is been a lost chance. This edition could have been god, because the FYROM is not missing true intellectuals.