Greek Foreign Ministry: “FYROM’s Encyclopaedia is a new tool to falsificate History”

This new attempt, the new tool to falsificate History in favour of FYROM’s government, didnt surprise us” said Gregoris Delevekouras, spokesman of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Its well-known the work of the Academy of Skopje. Mr Gruevski’s government promotes Intolerance and Nationalism. Mr Gruevski attempts to strengthen his profile in the integral political scene by inventing enemies and worsening the relations of his country with its neighbours,” he added.

The Greek Foreign Ministry official explained further “FYROM’s PM doesnt ignore, but shows no interest for the primary progress criterion of the FYROM’s course to enter EU, the criterion of Good-Neighbourly Relations. This way he distances the people of his country from their EuroAtlantic future and creates conditions of regional instability.

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