Sofia sees territorial claims in Gruevski’s statements, the “Macedonian” media write (ROUNDUP)

Sofia sees territorial claims in Gruevski’s statements, the “Macedonian” media write (ROUNDUP)
29 October 2009 | 20:39 | FOCUS News Agency
Skopje. The electronic media in “Macedonia” cite Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov’s pronouncement made for FOCUS News Agency concerning “Macedonian” Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s statement in Australia.
After Greece Bulgaria was next to accuse “Macedonia” of territorial claims, the “Macedonian” Kanal 5 television channel reports under the title ‘Bulgaria accuses “Macedonia” of territorial claims’. Referring to Sofia’s bitter reactions, the “Macedonian” government says it has neither a comment, nor claims, the television channel comments.

In Australia “Macedonian” PM Nikola Gruevski said: “…Macedonians in Australia enjoy a unique opportunity to live together with their Aegean, Pirin compatriots, which is not the case in their native country and I call on you not to divide on these grounds as there are no Vardar, Aegean, Pirin “Macedonians”, but only “Macedonians”.”

“Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov accused “Macedonian” Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of saying during his visit to Australia that the “Macedonians” there had the unique opportunity to live together with their compatriots from Aegean and Pirin region. Gruevski told the emigrants that there were no borders, Aegean and Vardar “Macedonians”, but only “Macedonians”.
After Gruevski’s statement Parvanov even questioned the EU support for “Macedonia” if the state did urgently reject such statements. The Bulgarian President said he was even firmer in his position that “Macedonia” should meet all membership criteria as far as good neighborly relations were concerned and should not be allowed to join the EU with controversial issues,” Kanal 5 says.
“I do not need to say that I am confused by the statement of neighboring “Macedonia’s” prime minister. We take it as something intolerable, as an expression of territorial claims. This is intolerable, even more because “Macedonia” aspires to the EU. I would say that the Bulgarian support for the “Macedonian” EU membership is not unconditional. It depends to a great extent on our neighbors’ behavior and whether these statements will be rejected,” said Parvanov during his visit to Australia.
Telma television channel also cites the Bulgarian head of state’s words for FOCUS News Agency, as well as Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov’s comment made in Brussels concerning the statement of his “Macedonian” counterpart. “Sofia sees territorial claims in Gruevski’s statements,” reads a title on Telma’s Internet site.
A1 television channel reports Georgi Parvanov’s words under the title ‘Gruevski’s position is expression of territorial claims,’ and INPRESS news website says ‘Parvanov: Bulgaria’s EU support for Macedonia is not unconditional!’
‘Parvanov: Nikola Gruevski’s position is intolerable and is an expression of territorial claims’ reads another title in the electronic media. The article cites the Bulgarian head of state.
Makfax agency cites PM Boyko Borisov as saying that “”Macedonian” politicians should not forget what they aspire to.” Borisov was commenting on Gruevski’s statement in Australia.
Alsat-M cites the Bulgarian PM as well.
The electronic media cite also the Bulgarian minister without portfolio Bozhidar Dimitrov as saying that “the

“Macedonian” political elite does not want EU and NATO accession,” and Deputy Foreign Minister Marin Raykov.

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