Unacceptable the recent statements of Gruevski, says the Bulgarian President

Georgi Purvanov

Georgi Purvanov

Bulgarian President Georgi Purvanov has hit out at a statement by FYROMian prime minister Nikola Gruevski that only in Australia did FYROMians have the unique opportunity to live together with their compatriots from the Aegean (in Greece) and Pirin mountain (in Bulgaria).

Purvanov described Gruevski’s statement as “unacceptable”, Bulgarian news agency BTA said on October 29 2009.

Purvanov, who arrived in Canberra on October 28 2009, in what is the first visit by a Bulgarian head of state to Australia, was asked to comment on Gruevski’s statement made while the FYROMian prime minister was in Australia few days previously.

On October 26, meeting representatives of the FYROMian community in Australia, Gruevski reportedly said “here in Australia, the FYROMians have the unique opportunity to live altogether as one; the Aegean FYROMians and the Pirin FYROMians. That doesn’t happen in your mother country”.

According to FYROMian media, Gruevski asked the FYROMian community in Australia not to divide on a geographical basis because “there are no such thing as Vardar FYROMians or Pirin or Aegean FYROMians but just FYROMians”.

According to Purvanov, Gruevski’s words were not only unacceptable but a sign for territorial claims expressed by Gruevski.

“I accept Gruevski’s position with dismay,” Purvanov said. “It is unacceptable especially because FYROM has the ambition to become an European Union member,” he said.

According to him, FYROM had to follow all EU membership criteria which demanded that controversial issues be left aside from the EU.

Purvanov said that Bulgarian support for FYROM’s EU membership efforts was “not unconditional” and depended to a great extent on FYROMian behaviour and all withdrawal of territorial claims, BTA said.


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