Bulgarian Professor: “The ancient Macedonians are part of the Bulgarian history”

Macedonia News
“The ancient Macedonians are part of the Bulgarian history”. These are the words of Associate Professor Plamen Pavlov, lecturer at the Veliko Tarnovo University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, in interview to FOCUS News Agency.
Plamen Pavlov along with Lyudmnil Spasov had published a book entitled “Macedonia, Bulgarian land” where they promoted similar absurb claims connecting modern Bulgarians with ancient Macedonians. In his recent interview to Focus, Pavlov added: “My colleague Lyudmil Spasov and I, we wrote an encyclopedic book, even tough a popular one, where we examined something that is being implied in the modern science – that ancient Macedonia is a Thracian state structure, similar to that of the Odrises and the Getaes. Here the resemblances to Bulgaria are more than the differences. We cannot accept Greece’s right of monopoly over the ancient Macedonians. The ancient Macedonians are part of the Bulgarian history and this should be categorically stated. They are not part of the Greek history but they are part of the common Bulgarian and Balkan history, part of the history of the ancient world”.
Unfortunately for the two Bulgarian professors, the vast majority of modern academics acknowledge ancient Macedonians’ Greek identity. As a bottom line, the entire absurb claim of the Bulgarian professors makes anyone wonder what do modern Bulgarians have to do anyway with ancient Thracians.

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