Berisha Continues To Refuse Gruevski

Sali Berisha

Skopje 24 Ore Nov 09 p 4

Report by Rita Kadriu: “Berisha Continues To Refuse Gruevski”

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has on several occasions attempted to visit Tirana, but all replies from the Albanian Government have been negative thus far, with Prime Minister Berisha’s busy schedule being cited as an excuse, sources within the Albanian Government have confirmed to the INA news agency. Moreover, during the past few weeks, the [FYR]Macedonian Government in Shkup [Skopje] has attempted to agree on a specific date for arranging the visit. Still the answer from Tirana has been quite dismissive.

Gruevski’s initial plan was to visit all neighboring countries, including Albania, before the EU progress report on [FYR]Macedonia. But his initiative apparently failed. In addition, it is also reported that, in the last few weeks, Gruevski’s attempts to stage additional visits have proved unsuccessful, as Berisha has once again appeared to be busy and short of time to receive Gruevski. These kinds of delays and secret diplomatic games between Tirana and Shkup have also affected diplomatic relations between the two countries. Namely, Prime Minister Berisha is irritated with the policies that the Shkup government is applying toward Albanians. He is especially annoyed with the publication of the [FYR]Macedonian encyclopedia and his counterpart Gruevski’s lenient position on this book. Nonetheless, following the failure to organize a meeting in Tirana, Gruevski still managed to complete his mission by visiting Belgrade and Sofia in the past few days. These meetings helped him to demonstrate cooperativeness in the eyes of the European Union.

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