Thessaloniki: Curtain falls on 50th Macedonian Film Festival


“Ajami” wins Golden Alexander at 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

    The 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival came to an end on Sunday night with the closing ceremony and the presentation of awards.

    The top prize, the Golden Alexander for Best Feature-Length Film, was awarded to the Israeli-German production “Ajami” (“Crossroads of life”) by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani. The award was presented by German film director Werner Herzog who, it was announced during the Festival, will also be the president of the critics committee at the 60th Berlin Film Festival. The award is accompanied by a cash prize of 40,000 euros.

    The special Jury award, the Silver Alexander (25,000 euros), went to the Romanian film “Medal of Honor” by Calin Netzer, while its leading actor Victor Rebengiuc received the Best Actor Award.

    The Best Director Award was presented to Rigoberto Perezcano of Mexico for his film “Norteado” (“Northless”).

    Copti and Shani also shared the Best Screenplay Award with Tudor Voican for “Medal of Honor”.

    The Best Actress Award went to Ruth Nirere for her performance in the Belgian-French film “Le jour ou Dieu est parti en voyage” (“The Day God Walked Away”).

    Lastly, the Artistic Achievement Award went to the film “Sarameul Chatseumnida” (“Missing Person”) by Seo Lee of S. Korea.

    The International Thessaloniki Film Festival has, since 1992, striven to present the most innovative independent films from around the world, and has evolved into one of the Balkans’ primary showcases for the work of new and emerging filmmakers.

    The films competing in this year’s Festival will be screened over the next two weeks in 17 cities throughout Greece.

In detail, a selection of four to eight films from the TIFF will be hosted in:

Thrace: Alexandroupolis (22/11)

Macedonia: Edessa (24/11), Grevena (25/11), Florina (25/11), Kilkis (26/11), Kastoria (29/11), Serres (29/11), Veria (30/11), Kavala (30/11), Kozani (1/12)

Epirus: Ioannina (27/11)

Thessaly: Volos (25/11)

Peloponnese: Patras (3/12)

Crete Island: Heraklion (1/12), Agios Nikolaos (28/11), Chania (4/12), Rethymnon (5/12)

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