A1: I do not believe Greece will impose veto on FYROMacedonia European integration, Carl Bildt

A1: I do not believe Greece will impose  on “Macedonia” European integration, Carl Bildt
27 November 2009 | 15:40 | FOCUS News Agency
Skopje. I do not believe Greece will impose veto on “Macedonia” European integration, said Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt in an interview with “Macedonian” A1 television. Bildt has arrived in Skopje on Thursday night. Asked what message he sent at the meeting with “Macedonian” leaders Bildt pointed:
“We have talked about prospects for the European integration of the whole region. O have visited Istanbul n Thursday and it was naturally to pass through here,”
In his words the result of the Friday’s meeting between “Macedonian” Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Greek Prime Minister Georgius Papandreou depends on both of them.
“In my opinion it is good they hold a meeting. Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisa will also be there. They will discuss issues concerning the environment as well as others. I think it is good bigger regional co-operation is established,” Swedish foreign minister noted.
Asked what would happen if there is no development in the negotiations on name issue Bildt said that “this is bilateral issue between both of them” and it is not his business to have an opinion on their development.

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