Intimidating Greek bloggers, covering insults against Greek politicians

May 11, 2009. “Forum” magazine publishes online an open letter to the then Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Costas Karamanlis, authored by Mr. Milan Adzievski. The next day, an english translation is provided by “MINA” news agency.

Hello Black Manlis,

This is how your last name in the Macedonian language translates.

Let me ask You, even though I know my questions wont reach your ears: With what right do you insist of being Macedonian, when in your Turko-Greek language you are Karamanlis?

If you start digging a little bit in your roots, there is a great possibility of meeting a Turk who perhaps out of love, though more likely forced himself on your grandma or great-grandma, as it is usually done by occupational armies.

Have you ever wondered why you have KARA as your starting prefix?
Say hello to your Turkish compatriot Karajaferis, and ask him the very same question I asked You.
How do you ask for monopoly on history? No one is allowed to look back in history, apart from You, and your “Greeks”.

Will you ever be able to find some strength and dignity and admit that the prehistoric citizens of Athens, Sparta … referred to the Macedonians as barbarians?

With your quenching thirst today to all of a sudden become Macedonian, aren’t you jumping in your own deathtrap: that you are barbarian.
How else to describe, or explain the efforts of the Greek Government to destroy the Macedonians, their villages, cities, language, rivers, homes, names, graves… unless it is a barbaric move?

In the history books, only the barbarians committed such heinous crimes and unpunished (yet) methods of genocide.

But that was then when civilian criterias weren’t at satisfactory levels, or maybe I am wrong, I am awaiting your answer.

Are today’s barbarians wearing white shirts and ties instead of skins from killed animals?
If you know the answer, write to

PS: Do you know who was Arhimed? He ran naked through out Athens yelling “Eureka” because he found out that every body submerged in water, pushes out as much water as the volume of the body.

In your greek case, this law would be: Every fascist move submerged in nationalism, pushes out as much stupidity as the volume of the fascist.

What is your weight, Black Manlis?

May 13, 2009. “Ta xalia” (pronounced “ta halia”, meaning “the mess”), a greek blog from Thessaloniki, Macedonia, addresses the matter. “Costas Karamanlis, you’re a barbarian Turk, because a Turk soldier raped your grandmother”, says the post title. “Who says these bullshit?”, protests the angered editor.

An hour later, the blog returns with a new post, titled “Milan Adzievski, you are malakas (a very greek word)!“. “Malakas” means “wanker” and the post contains a photo of Mr. Adzievski and his contact details (address, telephone numbers, e-mail).

Fast forward half a year later. Today, the Macedonian bloggers reveal that the “Directorate for Personal Data Protection - Republic of Macedonia” (DPDP), asks for the deletion of posts related to Mr. Adzievski. This caused the outrage of the greek blogosphere and many people rushed to offer advice and express their sympathy.

But the question remains. Is DPDP right, acting to protect Mr. Adzievski’s interests?

Quoting from DPDP‘s website, “Directorate for Personal Data Protection is an independent state authority with status of legal entity and is entitled to perform supervision over the legality of the processing of personal data and their protection, on the territory of Republic of Macedonia“.

Ta xalia” is hosted on and its terms of service are “governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without giving effect to its conflict of laws provisions or your actual state or country of residence“.

The Macedonian bloggers wrote that Mr. Adzievski‘s insults against Mr. Karamanlis, were “bullshit” and that he is a “wanker”. “Ta xalia” did not act unprovoked and such strong language is common in media governed by US laws, in a country where freedom of speech is of outmost importance.

Regarding Mr. Adzievski’s photo and contact details, “Ta xalia” just republished what is already availabe online. A Google image search returns several photos of Mr. Adzievski. As an example, this is an opinion article by him, calling for disobedience to Albanian calls for equal rights in his country, where his photo is prominent. As for his address and telephone numbers, they are already published in the “House of Immigrants of Macedonia” website.

Concluding, “Ta xalia” republished what is already available online (and quite possibly, submitted by Mr. Adzievski himself) and used strong language to react to his insults against the then Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Karamanlis. DPDP’s actions have no legal ground; no personal data laws were violated and they cannot act beyond their jurisdiction.

The real test for DPDP will be to stop giving the impression that they’re trying to intimidate the Macedonian bloggers, using their weight as a state authority against them, while hopelessly trying to defend their compatriot.

We can’t help but wonder: does Mr. Gjorgje Ivanov know about this? As Head of the State in DPDP’s jurisdiction, he should - and it would be interesting to know his position for the insults directed against the former Greek Prime Minister.


Letter to Karamanlis - originalAdzievski’s letter - original

Letter to Karamanlis - translationAdzievski’s letter - translation

Adzievski - photoAdzievski’s photo

Adzievski - contact detailsAdzievski’s contact details

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lol says:

Vangelis says:”Perhaps he should take a look at his compatriots’ turkish-derived surnames -these people seem to forget that they were under Ottoman rule as well, and actually for longer than a good part of Greece- rather than obsess over genealogies, which seems too common over there”

(h)adzi-ev-ski might not need to look far

Vangelis says:

He does sound like a buffoon. Perhaps he should take a look at his compatriots’ turkish-derived surnames -these people seem to forget that they were under Ottoman rule as well, and actually for longer than a good part of Greece- rather than obsess over genealogies, which seems too common over there (from the “Ethiopian Greeks” to the “Makedonoid-white race” crap).

MINA has produced even more bullshit about Karamanlis, along these lines. People might also remember the recent “Greece threatens to veto Iceland” MINA-generated propaganda, as well. I don’t see why anyone should expect any less from the notorious “news agency”…