Voio: The enchanting natural beauty of Macedonia


Voio: A place where natural beauty is beyond words

Voio is a mountain of exquisite beauty. Situated between Western Macedonia and Epirus, and running through southwestern Kastoria and western Kozani prefecture, it forms a natural border between the two regions. It is called “the door to Pindus” because from there the visitor may access the Pindus mountain ranges and the source of Greece‘s largest river, the Aliakmonas.

Forests dominate the low lying areas of the mountain, which is thickly vegetated with pine and spruce trees. The area surrounding the mountain is dotted with villages and forest roads, as well as hiking trails.

The University of Western Macedonia, the Municipality of Kozani together with the Prefecture’s Environmental Center and the Arctouros wildlife protection organisation commenced in 2009 a major effort to establish a network of trekking and hiking paths in Kozani prefecture linking 40 mountainous traditional villages with stone houses at altitudes ranging from 750 to 1450 m. Included are several ancient paths, while the “Pindus” project also foresees the creation of mixed routes suitable for mountain biking, horseback riding and other mild mountain sports.

The project, slated for completion in end-2011, further foresees the creation of a website and interactive infokiosk.


Athens News Agency / Macedonian Press Agency

Photos: panoramio.com , giapraki.com

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