Gruevski on Isolation – Slovenia turns its back on FYROM

Nikola Gruevski’s irresponsible foreign policy, along with his administration’s unwillingness to compromise regarding the Macedonian name issue with Greece, results in FYROM’s isolation in international level. This is becoming clearer more and more everyday.

Yesterday it was Slovenia’s turn, a traditional ally of FYROM, to turn its back on FYROM. Slovenian Prime Minister, Borut Pahor, who is attending the EU summit in Brussels, said on Friday, FYROM should be less emotional about the name dispute with Greece and express more readiness for a compromise. Pahor confirmed that his country, Slovenia has showed at the meeting of EU foreign ministers, a couple of days ago, understanding towards Greek’s position negotiations with FYROM and it cannot be started until the name dispute is solved.

The news have seriously agitated FYROM who experiences, one by one, foreign countries to abandon them due to their deadlocked foreign policies.

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