A letter from Megarovo’s inhabitants in 1904 declaring their Greekness

Another evidence of the heroic resistance of the Greek element in the prosyletizing plans of the Bulgarian and Roumanian propaganda in Macedonia, is found on the letter of the Megarovo’s inhabitants back in 1904. The letter is a courageous confession of faith in Orthodoxy, pride of the Historical and Religious traditions which they inherited from their glorious Greek ancestors and a Greek patriotic call in a period where the Bulgarian Komitadji reign of terror was extended everywhere.

The residents of Megarovo declare their Greekness in 1904

The letter in Greek Language.

The document is based on the research of Christos Andreadis and was published in the “Makedonika” Magazine from the “Εταιρεία Μακεδονικών Σπουδών

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