French Archaeologist Jean Yves Empereur: “Alexander the Great is Greek. It’s over”

Graeco-Macedonian king Ptolemy Statue

The statue of the Greek king Ptolemy being removed from the harbour, PHOTO @

«Alexander the Great was Greek. It’s over», stated in the Greek newspaper “Ta Nea”, the Director of the French Center for Alexandrian Studies in Alexandria, Egypt, Jean Yves Empereur. The famous French archaeologist was honoured yesterday with the Onasis Award.

Alexandria was a huge city. Alexandria’s streets had 30 meters width, a Lighthouse of 135 m. height, houses with mosaics similar to Pella. All these were on a huge scale. A great city of antiquity that the world hadn’t seen anything similar.” Empereur further stated to the Greek newspaper. The French archaeologist who is the Director of the French Center for Alexandrian Studies in Alexandria, Egypt searches for archaeological discoveries from the city founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.

Mr Empereur replied to the questions of “Ta Nea” Journalist Mary Adamopoulou.

TN: Archaeology confirms or rewrites History?

E: It changes it. Each day we have new findings, even documents on papyrus. The history of Alexandria is rewriten after 20 years of archaeological excavations and will keep up changing. We are following closely clues of a Macedonian city.

TN: Who are the Enemies of archaeology? Could we say its only the looters or also those who attempt to exploit it for their political agendas?

E: Those who are acting like this are entirely unacceptable.

TN: What do you reply to those doubting the Greekness of Alexander the Great?

E: Alexander the Great was Greek. It’s over!!

TN: Do you believe that the Parthenon marbles are going to be repatriated?

E: I have signed many times in favour of this demand. I really hope so. Ιnsha΄Αllah like they say in Egypt. Now that the new amazing museum is built it will be done.

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