MINA “News” Agency - a Major Embarassment of Objectivity and Truth in Reporting

FYROM’s efforts to disseminate propaganda in the internet, has reached recently epidemic proportions. One of the most suitable candidates for earning the title of the News “Best Manipulator” is the infamous MINA. Today’s MINA landscape consists of tiresome repetition of half-truths and falsehoods when dealing with neighbouring Greece.

A fine example can be found on the news story concerning Ms Dora Grosomanidou, the former Head of the Greek Liaison Office in FYROM. Ms Grosomanidou had given an interview for Financial Times on 04.07.2007 where she stated explicitely:

““Greece has to face the new reality, as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been recognised under its constitutional name by more than half of the members of the United Nations

Financial Times - Grosomanidou Statements

Let’s check out now, how the Masters of Manipulation in MINA, distorted and presented Ms Grosomanidou’s statements.

CASE 1. In MINA’s related report of the 1st May 2008, we can find.

Someone here just shot on his own foot. Ms Grosomanidou never stated FYROM has been around before Greece“. MINA commited an amateurish, pitiful attempt to distort her original statements. They have a point though. Indeed the culprit behind this petty article could constitute a Jerry Springer’s Material.

CASE 2, In MINA’s related report of the 22th February of 2008, we find.

Another article, another pathetic wilful distortion of Ms Grosomanidou’s statements by MINA. As it’s evident, the underlined text “the historical reality that Macedonians has existed and will continue to exist” as a matter of fact exists only in the ill-mind of the MINA’s reporter who manipulated Ms Grosomanidou’s statement.

Case 3. MINA’s related article of 8th November 2008

In the November 8 column, MINA managed to embarass itself further. The new masterpiece with a new round of fabricated statements, is further evidence that MINA’s commitment to dishing out propaganda and misinformation, exceeds any other commitment.. Funnily they are trying to pass it as real “News”.

CASE 4. In the related article of 13th March 2008

Finally, MINA completes its “Series of Ms Grosomanidou’ Distorted Statements” with another self-embarassing piece of fabricated reporting. The Greek diplomat obviously never stated anything like that. The least MINA’s “reporters” could do is to follow of their own advice and…undergo a reality check!!

Certainly MINA does not constitute the only FYROM’s Propaganda Mouthpiece, regarding the specific issue. A small search in the net will reveal more fabrications, involving the Greek diplomat’s original statements. Other Propagandists from FYROM in American Chronicle proved to be more desperate and invented more falsehoods like “the Greek Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia was also fired not too long ago for referring to the Republic of Macedonia as the “Republic of Macedonia” and not as the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia“”. Of course here we shouldn’t be suprised, since afterall the real news would be if he actually wrote anything being true!!!

In the aftermath of all these pitiful samples of FYROM’s Propaganda, a person would have asked the obvious questions.

1. Why MINA has distorted Ms Grosomanidou’s original statements 4 times and invented as many fabrications which she never stated anyway?

2. Will MINA officialy apologize to Ms Grosomanidou and all its readers for presenting Fabricated Reports, full of half-truths and Distorted statements as a SERIOUS News Agency ought to do? Is there any decency left there?

I sincerely hope that the words of a Bulgarian Intellectual from the past century, used in relation to their compatriots wont apply to MINA ALSO at this time.

Among them the lie is something customary, it is not considered a vice, but as a sign of wit . The one among them who is caught lying does not feel remorse or embarrassment, but only a sorrow because he wasn’t clever enough when constructing the lie“.

By Nikos A.

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iconoclast says:

Standard garbage by a discredited group who pander to the nationalist/extremist Slavs of the FYROM and their diaspora.

Vangelis says:

Are you sure you want to take up MINA’s case? The dispute will be finished before you are. 😉

Just as a recent example, remember the case with Iceland as well where MINA wrote that Greece was “vetoing Iceland’s entry”!

Journalism at its finest, I tell you…

Makedonas-Thessalonikos says:

Very good article!!!Basically what you just described is what is happening all the time with their media and specially with this one.A weird thing with this people.They never say something bad,i mean there are other Fyromian media as Makfax which at least bring the news as they are.Its funny you know cause the people from diaspora are getting most of their information from MINA its like they like to keep them in their happy world.and most of them have no idea of what is happening in reallity.And whats remarkable are the comments from down the article!!They NEVER let you respond and you read comment that saying”where are the Greeks now,why they are here to answer or anything,they are hiding!!”and staff like that!!But for god shake they dont let you post your comment no matter what you will say!!Its redicilus what is happening to this people,but when you are desperated and afraid you act like this.This Mina is the king of what i just described!!Fell sorry for this people nothing else.