1908, Allen Upward - “Macedonia” the Necessity to Create a Fictitious Country with a Fictitious Nationality!!!

Allen Upward, “The East Europe..” 1908

Points of Interest:

- In order to justify the annexation of the entire territory between Bulgaria and the sea, therefore, it became necessary to create a fictitious country with a fictitious nationality.To return to the former illustration, we must imagine an independant Irish Republic desirous of adding the whole of Scottland to its dominion. It would be obliged, in the first place, to teach the Gaelic population that they were Irishmen, in order to enlist their support, and then to preach that Scotland was an invisible whole in order to establish a claim over the low lands.

- the name Bulgar is being repudiated in favour of the “Macedonian”

- The Bulgarian propagandists found what they required in the word “Macedonia” a name with no more definite significance than Wessex or Languedoc. Unfortunately for themselves, the Greeks had been the first to make use of this name, with its classical associations, and to give it a wide extension to the north in interests of Hellenic expansion.

- A band led by a Greek officer and composed of Macedonian Refugees and volunteers from all parts of Greece

- The methods of execution (by Bulgarian Komitajis) in each case is given thus:

“Cut to small pieces”, “By Tortures”, “by Thrasing”, “burnt alive”, “drowned”, “sawn after great torture”

-The Greek bands contained too many Macedonians who had seen their aged fathers, their wives and even their little children , tortured and slain by their Exarchist neighbours.

-Two fifths are Moslems. Another fifth at the least is made up of Hellenes, who are so by blood, language, religion and national sentiments, and of a race known as Vlachs, or KoutzoVlachs who speak a dialect half Greek and half Latin in character, but who are in sentiment more Hellenist than the Hellenes themselves.

- Tsakalaroff, the Macedonian Bulgar

- Komitajis with Bulgarian Flag

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Dimitrios says:

I love this source!!

Great work for locating it.. I cant believe how cunning and creative, the Bulgarian idea was in claiming Macedonia. Stupid, but interesting none the less. I understand this issue allot more now through the recorded events of Alan Upward.