Media report Corruption Scandal with Aeromak

From Exyuaviation Blog

[…] Sources from Serbia state that the CEO of Aeromak, Srećko Angelovski, set his salary at over 3.000 Euros per month (national average approximately 400 Euros) and hired many family members within the company who had no experience in the aviation field. His actions have costed Jat thousands of Euros.

Angelovski lost his job only 10 days ago. Evidence has also surfaced that Angelovski used the company’s finances to charge business lunches at restaurants in Skopje at over 3.000 Euros. Media sources claim that Jat’s office in Skopje is still receiving bills from Angelovski’s expensive taste. Angelovski also purchased computer and software for the airline from his cousin, Stanislav Zaharieski, who he also named as Aeromak’s commercial director for sales and marketing.

Srećko Angelovski was named the CEO of Aeromak by Jat Airways’ CEO Srdjan Radovanović in September 2009. He was removed from this position in December when it is believed Radovanović realised that something was not right with the balance sheet in Skopje.

Jat Airways refused to comment directly regarding the corruption allegations saying instead that Angelovski lost his job because he failed to produce sufficient results and failed to follow orders from Jat’s CEO.[..]

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