Representations of Aristotle from Stageira in Modern Greek Art

Aristoteles in Megisti Lavras (1535-1541)

Aristotle in Megisti Lavras

“The Hellen Aristoteles” in Mone Filanthropinon (1560)

Aristoteles in Moni Filanthropinon

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“Aristotle”, Agios Dimitrios, Chrysafon Lakonias (1641)

“Aristoteles the Wise” Agios Georgios, Negades Zagoriou (1792)

“Aristoteles teaches Alexander” from Zangklis’ book (1956)

Bust of Aristoteles. now in Vienna, Museum History of Art

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Aristoteles in Stageira

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Fresco from the Mansion of N. Tsirlis in the Nymphaion of Florina

From the research of Gerakina N. Mylona Representations of Aristotle in NeoHellenic Art“, published in the “Makedonika” Magazine of Etairia Makedonikon Spoudon.

You can learn more details about Representations of Ancient Greek Philosophers in Orthodox churches by visiting the personal site of Aggelos Sakketos

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