Turkish TAV invests 200 Million Euros in FYROM’s airport infrastructure!!!

After constant delays and controversies, the Turkish Tepe Akfen Ventures (TAV), the poised operator of [FYR]Macedonia’s airports, has announced that it will begin with the reconstruction of both Skopje and Ohrid airports on March 2, 2010. According to TAV, the company has finalised its 10 year expansion and business plan for [FYR]Macedonia. TAV won in its bid to control [FYR]Macedonia’s airports for the next 20 years in 2008 on the precondition of investing 200 million Euros in the country’s airport infrastructure. TAV has twice delayed its takeover of [FYR]Macedonia’s 2 airports with the excuse that it was waiting for loan approval from European banks so it could invest the agreed sum.


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Photo@ Hurriyetdailynews.com, AA photo

Turkish Airlines became an official sponsor of Spanish and European champion Barcelona with a three-year deal signed Monday.

Spanish media said the airline will pay the club three million Euros over the term of the contract, which lasts until 2012.

Barca said on its website that Turkish Airlines will have the right to use the club and its players in its marketing campaigns. […]

“It is a very important day in the history of Turkish Airlines,” which will give the company “access to the European Union,” said Turkish Airlines Chief Executive Officer Temel Kotil.


By Seleukos

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