8 May 1888 - Pall Mall Gazette about the Population of Macedonia

By Christos P.

The Pall Mall Gazette was an evening newspaper founded in London on 7 February 1865. It was owned by George Murray Smith; its first editor was Frederick Greenwood. In 1921 The Globe merged into the Pall Mall Gazette, which itself was absorbed into the Evening Standard in 1923.

In an article of 8th May, 1888 related to the population of Macedonia again we are becoming witnesses of the same facts. There is not any so-called “Macedonian” ethnicity but instead the population of Macedonia consists of Bulgarians, Greeks, Jews, Turks, Albanians, Serbs.


Roughly speaking, taking the latest available statistics, the population of what is now commonly known as Macedonia may be set down at about 1,500,000 out of which the Bulgarians may be reckoned at about 450,000 and the Greeks at 380,000. About 60,000 is the number of the Jews, of whom the larger part are to be found at Salonica. The remainder are Mussulmans of Osmanly, Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian and Jewish origin.[..]

[…]when the Christian population is nearly purely Bulgarian up to another parallel line drawn through Uskub, after which the Servian Element redominates.

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