Modern Greece & the Macedonian Greek Heritage

Modern Greece & the Macedonian Greek Heritage

Nick Michael Hodges
February 07, 2010
Late in 2009, the American Chronicle published an article by Risto Stefov in which among a litany of things, he was telling people that if God were to come down to earth and speak to the Greeks that “these people here are Macedonians”, the Greeks would not believe him.

First of all, these people that he calls are nothing else but the South Slavonian people of the former Yugoslav province of Vardarska, which in 1945 had its named changed to the Republic of Macedonia.

Second, I would like to remind Risto that Macedonians do exist in Greece and they comprise a Greek entity in that part of the country, just like Thessalians, Epirotes, Peloponnesians, and Cretans exists in their corresponding geographical areas. These Macedonian Greek people do not need God´s intervention to be identified as Macedonian Greek people, at least not again. I know well, and I like to think that Risto also knows well that some 2,000 years ago God did appear to St. Paul and told him to go to Macedonia and Hellas to preach the word of God, as presented to all of us Christians by Jesus and his apostles.

As well all know, St. Paul did go to Macedonia and Hellas. He visited several cities such as Neapoli, Fillipi, Amphipoli, Apollonia, Thessaloniki, Beria, as well as Athens and Corinth where he preached Christianity, and established small churches in those cities. Obviously God did not maker a mistake of identity regarding Macedonian and the Macedonian people because there were no other, and no other people other than those, which St. Paul was able to visit and preach the word of God in a language he and the Macedonian people, as well as the other Greeks were able to communicate among themselves.

I know as well all of us including Risto, unless he suffers from selective amnesia, that the only language that St. Paul spoke and preached to the Macedonian people was Greek or Hellenic. That was because it was the native tongue of those people and was also the ethnic identity of them, i.e. Greek or Hellenic.

We know that we did not need God´s intervention to identify the people who lived north of Macedonia, Greece. They were mainly Paeonians and Dardanians because the south Slavonian people that Risto wants to confuse or identify with the Macedonian Greek people, but without their “Greekness”, did not exist anywhere in the Balkans for at least 1,000 years after Macedonia became a Roman province.

Now, I would like to ask Risto what is it that makes him think that God is going to lie for them and become a false witness, or even commit perjury just to please him and his south Slavonian people who have nothing in common with Macedonia or the Macedonian people? He and his people are south Slavic while the Macedonian people, the real and true ones, have always been and will always be Greek or Hellenic.

Does Risto think that God does not know or that he cannot see the Macedonian identity theft committed by him and his south Slavonian people? Does he really think that God does not see or condemn the fraudulent use of the Macedonian names by him and his people, desperately trying to remove the Hellenic identity and forge a Slavic one to it?

Maybe they know of a way they can convince God to lie in their favor, and therefore he has become their own exclusive God, without regard to truth and justice but only has favoritism for the people who worship that kind of God? A pagan God might have been willing to go along with their lies, deception, fraud, and forgery if they were to make some sort of human sacrifice to him, but not a real and true God that we believe in and worship today.

Risto, if you want God to help you with your identity problems, then do what God would have been telling you. Look, and find the truth about yourself and your south Slavonian people. Search out the facts and accept them and learn to live with them. Why falsify racial, ethnological, linguistic, and historical facts just to fraudulently alter your identity, and that of your comrades? You know well that a real God would tolerate such a like, deception, fraud, or forgery committed on his name.

Finally Risto, Gods know you and your south Slavonian people just like he knows us Greeks and the Macedonian, Greeks. God, and any fairly educated and intelligent person knows that we are the real and lawful descendants of the classic, Hellenistic, or Byzantine Greeks. I am not so sure that you and your south Slavonian people can trace your humble ancestry but rather fantasizing and elevating yourselves to a higher level by resorting to the Macedonian identity through fraud and forgery to give yourselves some clout and allow for possible land speculation.

Last but least, all of us Greeks and Macedonian Greeks, in particular have always been Greeks not because we want o be Greeks but because we are not and cannot be anything else, other than what we are and what history shows to prove it. On the other hand, it is you and your people that do not want to be what they are but wish what they had been.

There is one more thing that I would like to make clear to you and your janissaries. The Macedonian Greeks did not annex a large chunk of Macedonia; we simply integrated the Macedonian land with the motherland after hundreds of years of separation from foreign occupation. Conversely, it is you and your people who came out winners because it was the Bulgarians and Serbs who fought to grab Macedonia. We had to fight against two countries but we got most of it anyway, but got what was rightfully ours. Your people live in an area that was won by the Serbians but given to you, at least for now, under pressure from the U.S.

For your information, the Macedonian land that we were able to integrate with the mainland was not land taken from the Serbs or Bulgarians, but legally and historically ours. Never at any time did it belong to anyone else but only “belonged” to someone else via occupation but became free and ours again, unfortunately without a fight.

What happened to Macedonia is very much what happened to Cyprus when the Turks invaded it and grabbed 1/3 of it for themselves. You seem to share traits similar to the modern Turks. The final word is that you and your comrades are Slavs and in no way related to Macedonia/Macedonians because you don´t have and never will have what it takes to be one…that is Hellenism.

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