Ancient historians about Macedonia – Ammianus Marcellinus

Ammianus Marcellinus (325/330–after 391) was a fourth-century Roman historian. His is the second-to-last major historical account written during Antiquity (the last was written by Procopius). His work chronicled in Latin the history of Rome from 96 to 378, although only the sections covering the period 353–378 are extant.

“The frontier of the East stretching straight forward for a great distance, reached from the banks of the river Euphrates to those of the Nile, being bounded on the  left by the tribes of the Saracens and on the right by the sea.

6.   Nicator Seleucus, after he had occupied that district, increased its prosperity to a wonderful degree, when, after the death of Alexander, king of Macedonia, he took possession of the kingdom of Persia by right of succession; being a mighty and victorious king, as his surname indicates. And making free use of his numerous subjects, whom he governed for a long time in tranquillity, he changed groups of rustic habitations into regular cities, important for their great wealth and power, the greater part of which at the present day, although they are called, by Greek names which were given them by the choice of their founder, have nevertheless not lost their original appellations which the original settlers of the villages gave them in the Assyrian language.”

Ammianus Marcellinus, 14.8.5

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Macedonia is not a property changing hands upon claim. It is nature´s steadfast creation with deep-rooted foundations in the vastness of time. It is the cradle of civilization that developed within the traditions of ancient Greek tribes and the spirit of the great philosophers who wrote the story without bitterness and fanaticism. It is culture that was forged in the maelstrom of years enduring challenge for the Greek character.
It is a well written story by our ancestors and not by untrue leaders of today.