Chatzimarkakis: “Breakthrough in name issue has never been closer

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Skopje, 18. February 2010.0

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, chair of the Delegation to the EU-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee, has come to a first positive conclusion in the delegation visit to Skopje today: “The visit has been positive so far. I have the feeling that the breakthrough in the name issue has never been closer. The meeting with Prime Minister Gruevski was very encouraging; he has new ideas for a solution. It is also important that the opposition in Skopje is included into the talks. Everything now depends on the right European spirit amongst all partners. We want an Europeanization of the Balkans, not the other way around. It is positive that the European Parliament and the European Commission have come to Skopje together. It is very rare that a Commissioner is participating in such a visit. This shows that the EU is ready to use all available means to put forward the support that has been established through the adoption of the report of MEP Zoran Thaler in Strasbourg last week. Through the Treaty of Lisbon the parliament has gained more influence and is now able to apply pressure if necessary. This special built momentum to solve the name conflict must be used. Next week UN-negotiator Matthew Nimetz will travel to Skopje. All participants should use this time frame!”

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