Boycott and Threats against the Serbian Community in FYROM

A planted bomb shall be activated if Archbishop Jovan and leader of the Democratic Party of Serbs in FYROM, Ivan Stojiljkovic appear at celebration. This was the “information” which proved to be false but it was enough the traditional Serbian evening in FYROM ‘Serbs and friends’ almost not to be held.

At the time in the ‘Alexander Palace’, about a thousand of guests gathered on the occasion of traditional Serbian evening. According to Blik Online , bad signals started arriving to Serbian community in FYROM about twenty days ago. Publicly everything was brought in connection with the return of Archbishop Jovan to FYROM who is in unity with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Archibishop Jovan, whose unjust imprisonment a few years ago, caused an international outcry against FYROM and showed the denial of Religious Freedom in FYROM is a burning issue, returned to Fyrom on St. Sava’s Day, January 27 which is celebrated there as an official Serbian holiday. His return, as Blink Online mentions, was very much commented in media by politicians, diplomats and church circles.

What proved to be more shocking and lamentable were threatening messages coming even by members of the Pseudo-Orthodox Church in FYROM, a church which no official Orthodox Church across the world recognises, like the Bishop of Veles: ‘If there is no court justice, “Macedonian” people shall know how to deal with traitors’.

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